A lasting peace is about to be broken…
Do you have what it takes
to defend your empire?


Keep cool in this fast-paced game and you might just become the next Zen Master!

Build your base, place your cannons and attack! Zen Wars is a fast paced strategy-puzzle defense game that challenges players to build, repair and destroy the enemy! Defeat Lord Evilz' army and compete in intense 2 and 3 player online battles and become the ultimate Zen Master!


Surround your base and fortify your walls. The more bases you acquire, the more cannons you will have at your disposal. Repair and fortify the base walls after each round to build up your defense.


Once you surround your fortress, place regular cannons, super cannons and powerful laser cannons. Be careful - place too many cannons and you will run out building space!


Use your cannons to destroy Lord Evilz' army. You'll be facing angry huns, crazy warriors, giant war pandas, and eventually Lord Evilz himself! Every shot counts! Fortify your fort and Destroy Evilz in Zen Wars!


Take on 2 or 3 "friends" in Game Center multiplayer mode and blow holes in their fortifications to ensure their demise. Earn 17 challenging Achievements and climb the leaderboard ranks and become the #1 Zen Wars Master!

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  • Silky smooth touch screen control that let you build your fortress, place cannons and destroy the enemy with pin-point accuracy.
  • Multiple modes of play including; Campaign, survival and online Multiplayer!
  • Full Game Center support with 17 challenging achievements, multiple leaderboards and voice chat supported online multiplayer.
  • Frantic paced strategy combined with fast paced puzzle action.