The futuristic successor to the award wining Legendary Wars series!


Join the last remaining robots on a quest to rebuild a lost civilization in a mysterious new solar system.

Things quickly change when the bots find themselves in the middle of a war for the future of the Galaxy.

Take to the skies in your Stellar Fighter!

Build a large cast of customizable robots and take on hordes of aliens in a unique blend of Strategy Defense and Sidescrolling Space Ship Shooter. The fate of the Galaxy is in your hands!

Stellar Wars is universal for iPhone and iPad with support for iCloud device sharing.

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  • Amazing Variety of gameplay all seamlessly integrated into one stellar story line, including:
    Space Shooting, Planetary Defense, Hover Boarding, Arcade Action, Runner, Hack and Smash and lots more!
  • Fly a Space Ship!
    Gear up in your Stellar Fighter, equip it with different weapon modifications and take on a massive alien fleet!
  • Build your Robots!
    Land on Planets and take direct control of any Robot you build to unleash their special abilities! Features12 Customizable Bots to choose from. Upgrade your bots through the game to unlock powerful new special abilities and over 20 different custom upgrades.
  • A Whole Solar System to Explore!
    Campaign mode features 10 different Planets and over 50 levels, each with unique gameplay modes!
  • HUGE Bosses on Land and in Space!
    Over 30 enemies to destroy including 10 huge bosses. Giant Worm in Space! Crazy Lizard Surfers! Bosses that literally take up over half the screen!
  • Gorgeous Retina Graphics!
    Over a dozen beautifully detailed environments. Brand new 3D Navigational Stellar Map and ultra smooth animation system, which highlights the stunning amount of detail in every character!
  • Heart Pumping Soundtrack!
    7 New Electronic tracks written exclusively for Stellar Wars. Amazing beats will blow your mind by the talented composer of Legendary Wars and Monster Wars.
  • Over 100 Challenges and 50 Achievements!
    Test your skills with new challenges unlocked after each level. Collect all 156 Badges and 50 Game Center Achievements to truly be Stellar!
    Min Requirements: iPhone 4, iPod 4, iPad 2


  • Stellar Wars is an elegant combination of a strategy game, a resource management sim, and a good old fashioned combat title rolled into one beautiful mobile package. 5/5
    — Gamezebo
  • Stellar Wars is a challenging, charming strategy/action/shooting title that will keep you busy and entertained. 5/5
    — CultofMac
  • Stellar Wars is a Stellar Game. 9/10
    — RTS Guru
  • Liv’s latest for iOS is their most ambitious to date, and fans of their earlier games will find plenty to like in Stellar Wars.
    — AppleTell
  • Stellar Wars really does build on what has come before, providing hours of tactical entertainment. 8/10 Silver Award
    — Pocket Gamer
  • The Castle Defense Genre just leveled up again!
    — iFanzine