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Voyagers the Game now out!

Voyagers out on App Store and Google Play

Based on the mega book series by Random House

  • Test your knowledge with STEAM and become a Voyagers cadet.
  • Solve puzzled to repair your ship the Cloud Lepoard.
  • Pilot your space ship through an aseteroid field in Gamma Speed.
  • Buiild and send Zrks on Recon missions to explore planets.
  • New Game modes and planets unlocked iwth each book release!

Voyagers the Game

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Monster Wars out on Android

Monster Wars comes to Google Play and Amazon AppStore!

what's new:

  • Improved control with Auto lock on and 2X speed button.
  • New Stellar Wars style target lock and lane arrow art and functionality.
  • 10 Challenge mode with all new action pack gameplay and even more bonus modes.
  • Takes full advantage of bigger screens/tablets with higher resolutions.

Monster Wars Android

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Stellar Wars Nominated for best Mobile Strategy Game

Pocket Gamer has nominated Stellar Wars  for best mobile Strategy Game of the Year!

  • We're honored to be considered as one of the best Strategy/Simulation mobile game of the year by Pocket Gamer. If you love Stellar Wars, please consider voting! Thank you!

Vote for Stellar Wars under the Strategy/Simulation Category:

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